We are both new to sewing and have had to do a lot of research to get us on the right track. We hope to offer easy to follow instructions for any sewing project that even...

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Crafting can be such a fun and relaxing past time. Learn to make a variety of projects with step by step instructions. We will cover a variety of crafts from holidays to home décor, let...

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Kitchen Antics

Need a fresh idea for dinner? Tired of cooking the same thing all the time? Want to expose your family to different types of foods? You have found the right place! Join us as we...

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For The Kids

We are both mothers and absolutely love making items for our kids. Halloween costumes, birthday parties, cakes and doll clothes are just a small glimpse of what's to come! Please enjoy the labor of loves...

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Latest From the Blog

Hello Fall Porch Sign
Posted By JennAndAng  Posted On 13-Oct-2017

Hello Fall Porch Sign     Materials- -6’ x 1’ Board -Stain or Paint in desired color -Orange vinyl -White Vinyl -Transfer tape -Ruler -Vinyl Cutting Machine (If you do not own a vinyl cutting machine, there are machine free instructions at the end of this post.)   1. When

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Starter Project
Posted By JennAndAng  Posted On 29-Apr-2017

We all have that one project, the beginner starter project that never did turn out exactly how we wanted. Today, I’m going to share mine. I started sewing in the summer of 2013. I started basic; pillows, simple curtains and American Girl doll clothing. By Christmas, I really wanted to

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About Jennifer



My name is Jennifer (I go by Jenn) and I’m a happily married Mom of 2, Boogs who is a full on tween, and The Girl who wishes she was a tween. Angela and I have been best friends since our senior year of high school, I’m going to decline on sharing how many years that is. By day, I influence, guide and corral preschoolers, by night, I’m a crafter at heart.


I remember crafting way back to middle school, my Oma teaching me how to crochet while sitting in her basement at night. As I became a Mom, I started delving into scrap booking. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but enjoy making scrapbooks online more. I continued to crochet over the years and picked up random projects here and there. In 2013, I bought my sewing machine and fell in love. My aunt (aka The Master) is an avid quilter and taught me the basics, and from there I have learned online. Reading blogs, watching videos and experimenting has taught me what to do (and what not to do) in the world of sewing. I started making doll clothes for The Girl’s certain 14″ dolls, and have moved onto various other projects, including basic quilting. My hope is that this blog will help you out, teach you something new, and be a place of solace when your crafting brain is tired. Enjoy and craft on.





About Angela


My name is Angela: mom of two, military spouse, craft supply/fabric hoarder and amateur crafter. Jenn and I have been best friends since our senior year in high school! My interest in crafts started when my husband shipped out to Korea for a year. I was at home alone and after the kids went to bed I was left with A LOT of down time. Little did I know that those early projects would turn quickly into a passion. I love trying new things and pushing myself to master new skills. My favorite thing about crafting is when the project is finished. You can step back to look and say to yourself, “Oh yeah! I made that!” That pride that comes with a project well done.

Just like any crafter, I’ve had a bucket load of fails. I have completely crashed and burned on a project and abandoned it. I like that that’s OK! If I never tried, I would never discover new skills or interests. It’s fun to really push myself and see what I am actually capable of. So if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

My favorite projects are birthday parties and Halloween costumes. I tinker in a lot of other items: sewing, quilting, painting, very basic wood items, cakes and various other crafts. I absolutely loathe anything to do with modeling clay, sculpting, or seam ripping!

I hope you find our blogs and tutorials helpful. We will strive to give clear directions that are easy to follow no matter the skill level! Enjoy and happy crafting!



Our Mission

To inspire you with fun projects with easy to follow, step-by-step directions! We hope to be your go to place for anything craft, diy and more!