Basting A Quilt With Temporary Fabric Glue

Basting a Quilt With Temporary Fabric Glue


Let me start out this posting by saying I think this is the smartest advancement in quilting, absolutely greatest thing since sliced bread. I saved so much time basting for one and the tedious, and oh so annoying, process afterwards of removing all the pins is eliminated! This will be my new go to way to baste a quilt.



-Quilt pieces (front, back and batting)

-Temporary fabric glue

-Floor covering

-Masking or painter’s tape


1. Cover your workspace! Either use newspaper, drop cloth, cardboard or scrap fabric to cover the floor around where you are going to be spraying the glue. I skipped this oh so important step and had to mop twice to remove the left over glue.

2. Tape your backing fabric to the floor. Make sure to remove all the wrinkles and get it nice and smooth, face side down. If you are working on laminate, tape works well. If you are working on a carpeted area, you can also you T-Pins or straight pins to stick the fabric to the carpet.

3. Read the instructions on your spray temporary fabric glue. Mine states that you should use in a well ventilated area and spray from 12” above the fabric. Spray a large enough area to complete adhere your batting.

4. Lay down your batting on the freshly glued surface and smooth it out.

5.Spray a fresh layer of spray adhesive onto the batting. Lay your guilt front down and smooth, face side up.

6. Quilt as normal. If you get any ripples simply reposition the fabric as you go. This is the smoothest quilting job I’ve ever done. I was so impressed with less than 10 minutes worth of basting time. Even after quilt it was still nicely stuck together.

7. Add your binding as normal. Voila you’re done!