Recommended Quilting Tools

Rotary Matt

A self-healing rotary matt is an absolute essential when using a rotary tool. Without a good quality rotary matt, you will damage whatever surface you are working on. My desk and dining room table will tell you the story of oops moments involved with rotary tools. I prefer an Olfa matt. They are self-healing and available in a variety of sizes.

Rotary Cutter

I definitely prefer this cutting style to old fashion scissors. A rotary tool allows you to quickly measure and cut your fabric. It also helps to…

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Quilting 101

Quilting: Where Do I Begin?


Quilting can seem a little frightening at first. There are so many beautiful and intricate quilts that it seems almost impossible as a beginner. You look at them and just feel over whelmed. My first piece of advice is to start simple! Choose a pattern with larger blocks and remember you’re just ¼” seams away from having a quilt. Quilt patterns can help introduce you to the…

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