Guest Post–Alaska Quilt

Hi readers,


We’ve all got them. Our first attempt to make something and no matter how ugly it is, sometimes it’s just hard to throw it away. I made my first quilt in 1976 while I watched the Olympics every evening. It was a quilt as you go where I stitched 4 squares together to make a pocket, stuffed it with some cheap polyester batting, then flattened it and quilted it by hand. All these quilted squares were then hand sewn together…

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Basting A Quilt With Temporary Fabric Glue

Basting a Quilt With Temporary Fabric Glue


Let me start out this posting by saying I think this is the smartest advancement in quilting, absolutely greatest thing since sliced bread. I saved so much time basting for one and the tedious, and oh so annoying, process afterwards of removing all the pins is eliminated! This will be my new go to way to baste a quilt.

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