Pat Sloan’s Block of the Month Club

Pat Sloan’s Block of the Month Groups

If you’re finding it difficult to find time to sew or want to start quilting but want it in bite size pieces Pat Sloan’s Block of the Month clubs may be for you! We live several states away from each other which makes crafting together difficult. However, with these we can encourage each other and share advice about the exact same project over the phone or skype. This program also allows everyone to fit quilting into their busy schedule. With only one block to make in an entire month, there are no excuses for us not to finish the project! The added benefit is at the end of the year we will not only have a finished quilt but also new skills and continued access to step by step instructions by a superb quilter and pattern maker!

At the beginning of each of her block of the month clubs, Pat Sloan includes material requirements and color suggestions. You can customized fabric choice for your taste but still follow the same patterns provided. We struggled at first to select fabric from her original color choices. We both have modified our fabric selection based on the fabric we had already in our stash. Neither one of us wanted to purchase additional fabric when we have so much already on had! It took a lot of pictures back and forth for us to settle on our fabrics. Lay things out all together and take a picture to see how the fabrics go together. If you are new to quilting, a quilting store will help you match patterns and colors and cutting amounts needed for the completed package.

Our many fabric choices along the way!


Each block has been fun to make and to compare our finished projects. The instructions are step by step including the proper way to make Half Square Triangles (HST) and squaring up finished squares. We will continue to post our blocks as we finish them! Enjoy and happy crafting. Even if you start now you can easily catch up the 3 blocks and start fresh next month on the newest block.

Here are our finish blocks for January and February! We sure hope you’ll join us on our fun journey!