Quilting design wall

Good evening!

As a quilter, I have often dreamed of having a large quilting wall to arrange and display blocks I am working on. Prior to Christmas break, I shared my sewing space with a Foosball table that my children never used. Our basement is one big space, with one section consisting of a family area (TV, computer, couches) and the other side my sewing area with a Foosball table. My children are getting older and they didn’t spend any time down there. Over Christmas vacation, I decided to take apart the Foosball table and move the TV into my…

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My Pinterest Link is Broken

We have all had it happen. You find the perfect project on Pinterest. You eagerly click the link and it is a broken link: either the web page is no longer active or it diverts you to a useless sales site. A friend recently complained that this is common occurrence. A friend of hers had the magical suggestion of www.archive.org! They have the Wayback Machine. It is a internet history machine. They have archived the over 279 BILLION web pages. All that internet history right at your fingerprints. It may not have everything you need but oh the possibilities!…

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