We are both new to sewing and have had to do a lot of research to get us on the right track. We hope to offer easy to follow instructions for any sewing project that even a beginner can follow. We will also cover tips and tricks we have picked up on our journey. There are some tools that are essential in any sewing room and we will cover the best we have found. Check back for more pattern explanations and sewing ideas!

Starter Project

Pat Sloan’s Block of the Month Club

Quilting design wall

Guest Post–Christmas Tree Skirt

Guest Post–Humbug Bag

Basic Tree Skirt

Pumpkin Table Runner

Make your own quilt binding

Farm Girl Vintage Quilt Group

Quilting 101

Guest Post–Hawaiian Quilt

Making a Quilt Pinwheel

Guest Post–Alaska Quilt

Basting A Quilt With Temporary Fabric Glue