Reversible Snowman/Scarecrow

Reversible Snowman/Scarecrow



– Fence Post

– 1 1/2” Furring Strip

– Saw (Jigsaw, Miter Saw or Table Saw)

– Paint

– Staple Gun

– Glue Gun

– Decorations

– Ribbon

– Wood Glue


I had the opportunity to make this project with an awesome group of women in the community where I live. The property managers hosted the event and purchased all the supplies. (Huge shout out to Mountain Vista Communities!) You will see many different variations of this project in the pictures below. It is amazing to see how different people make the same project. It was a fun night!


1. Cut fence post to 33” length with a diagonal cut at the top.


2. Cut two strips of the furring strip to a length of 10”.


3. Measure down 7” from the diagonal cut on your fence post and mark. Glue your furring strip pieces to the flat side of the board, lining them up on each side of the board. Allow time for pieces to dry.

4. Paint the hat on the scarecrow brown or orange. Paint the hat for the snowman black. You can leave the scarecrow side of the board bare or paint to your desired hue. Paint the snowman side of the board below the hat white. The paint application does not provide complete coverage; this will aid in the distressed look. The boards that were prepared for this project were spray painted for efficiencies sake. I thought it looked quite nice and gave them a weathered look.



5. Pick your supplies and lay them out on the board until you are pleased with the arrangement.



6. Work on one side at a time and slowly start to staple and glue things into place. Make sure to remember that this project is reversible. If you make a big decoration that hangs over the side of the board, make sure to plan on an equally sized decoration so that it can be easily reversed.


7. Drawing the face can be done a number of ways, I chose to free hand a face first in pencil. Once you are happy with your face design you can outline it in sharpie marker and fill in with paint. I always draw the sharpie lines before I paint so I have a very clear line to paint within. After I have completed painting, I go back with the sharpie and redo the lines again for a finished look. If you do not feel comfortable with free handing a face onto the board, you can purchase tracing paper and transfer a face to the board. There are face templates for both the scarecrow and the snowman on our Pinterest page. Print off the desired design and push hard on the paper with the transfer paper underneath it to transfer the design.



8. Repeat on the snowman side.



9. Decorate to your heart’s content- I took pictures of so many of the amazing results to give you inspiration. Thank you too all the wonderful women who allowed me to photograph their projects.